Upper Dolpa Trekking

The trekking in west of Nepal os quite different .This part of is less developed and less facilities are available for tourists but every year is offering more facilities then before.Access is also quite harder area such as Dolpa,Humla and Jumla.All of this makes trekking here much more an exploration and intendin  trekkers must be prepared for some delays and other hardships.It is also more expensive to trek remote parts of west.This area is not possible to describe in few lines.This area is rich for flora and fauna and value of the medical herbs.It keeps the very good value of income for local people.This area Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo area is know as medicine hills.In summer time  people from different part of Nepal and even from Tibet goes there to collect strange insect known as Himalayan Viagra.This Medcine is combine plants and insect ,inactivein winter and come out in summer.We say it Yarsa gumba.This insect have high commercial demand as tonic.

The history and anthropology of here is quite complex and fascinating .Much of the geographic territory,now is known as Nepal.Formerly consisted of a number of small hill states and pretty kingdoms around 46.Jumla was one of the powerful Hill state at that time.Since centuriesthe western part of Nepal including Jumla has played significant role in the political and cultural chapter of Nepal.Origin of people is Tibet they are mostly Tibetan Buddhist in upper Dolpa and lower Dolpa people are Mix with Gurung,Magar and  hill people hindu.

The west of Nepal also reserved two famous and beautiful national parks.Those are SHEY PHOKSUNDO AND RAAR.

Upper Dolpa Trekking (This trekking flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung,and Juphal .Trek follow the Bheri river to Do-trap,you enter to restricted area to Shey Gomba(upper Dolpa).you can explore the shey phoksunda and around.

People who lived here only a few hundred and are among the world;s highest   dwellers.The village are inupper Dolpo  region are 4300m and above.People here are still practice the pre-BuddhitBon Po –relegion.Peter Matthiessens The Snow Leopard  and David Snellgroves  Himalayan Pilgrimage have contributedthe the mystique and attraction of Dolpo.Both writes visited theShey Gomba to the north of the Phoksumdo lake inner  Dolpo.This is the aim of most trekkers.Wewilltakeyoueven further into this mysteriousland.

Grade :Strenous

Best season:March-Nov

Type of trek:Camping

Duration :20 days

Max .height:5318m

Itinerary   1 (one)

Day  1   Pick upfrom arrival andtransfer to 3 star Hotel

Day  2   Sight seein aroundand preparation

Day  3   Flyto Nepajung  -1hour from Kathmandu overnight at hotel

Day  4   Fly to Juphal  ,Trek to Dunai (2,150m),3hours Overnightat tentedcamp

Day  5   Dunai to Ankhe(2,660m) 6 to 7 hours  Tented camp

Day  6   Ankhe to Renje (3104m) 7hours stay on tentedcamp

Day  7   Renje to Phoksundo Lake (3600m) 6 to 7 hours On tented Camp.

Day  8   Phokusumdo Lake to Phoksundo Khola (3500 m) 7 hours on tented camp

Day  9   Phoksumdo Khola to Phoksundo Bhyanjang (4400m) 7hours in tented camp

Day  10  Bhyanjang to cross KangLa pass trek to Shey Gompa(4126m)7 to 8 hours on tented camp

Day  11  Exploration day Shey Gompa

 Day  12 Cross Saldang La (4785m) walk to Namduna gaon (4400m) 6 to 7 hoursstay on tent

 Day  13  Namuda Gaon to Saldang 4 to 5 hours (3900m)stay on tent

Day  14   Saldang to Sibu (3942m) 5 to 6 hours stay on tent.

Day  15   Sibu to JengLa Phedi (4370m) 5 to 6 hours stay on tented camp.

Day  16   Cross over the Jeng la pass(4845m) walk to Tokyu Gaon 6 to 7 hours

Day   17   Tokyu Gaon to Dho Tarap (4100m) 5 hours stay on tented camp

Day   18   Dho Tarap to Serkam 7 hours (3630m) stay on tented camp

Day   19   Serkam to Khani Gaon (2550m) 7 hours stayon tented camp

Day   20   Khani Gaon to Tarakot (2300m)  4 to 5 hours stay on tented camp

Day   21   Tarakot to  Dunai  (2050m)  5 hours  stay on tented camp

Day   22   Dunai  to Jufal 3 to 4 hours (2400m) stay on tented camp

Day   23   Jufal to Nepaljung  By plane and KTM same day over night in Hotel.

Day   24   you are free  then next day drop to airport.


Itinerary 2 (two)

Day 1   Pick up from arrival and transfer to a nicest hotel

Day 2   Preapre and sightseeing

Day 3   Drive to Pokhara-Beni

Day 3   Drive Beni to Darbang

Day 4   Darbang to Sibang 1650m

Day 5   Sibang to Moreni  2600m

Day 6   Moreni to Gurjakot 2900m

Day 7   Gurjakot to Dhorpatan 3000m

Day 8   Dhorpatan to PhagunePhedi 3850m

Day 9   Phagune phedi to Thankur  3300m

Day 10  Thankur to yamakhar 2750m

Day 11  Yamakhar to Dhule 3410m

Day 12  Dhule to Phuphal phedi 3850 m

Day 13  Phuphal phedi to Purbang 4070m

Day 14  Purbang to Samdeling 3100m

Day 15  Samdeling to Tarakot 2500m

Day 16  Tarakot to Khani check post 3500m

Day 17  Khanicheckpost to Chheur 4000m

Day 18  Chheur to Dho tarap 4130m

Day 19  Dho-Tarap to Namula phedi 4700m

Day 20  Namula phedi to Bagala Phedi 5000m

Day 21  Bagala phedi to Rigmo Phoksundo 3540m

Day 22   Rest and explore day

Day 23  Rigmo Phoksundo to Sepka 3000m

Day 24 Sepka to Dunai 2150m

Day 25 Dunai to Juphal

Day 26 Juphal to Nepaljung-Kathmandu.