Rafting – experience the wild waters

Nepal is a land of numerous world class rivers which provide fun and exciting river rafting adventures. You can have a day of rafting or choose an extended trip that lets you camp on the river and enjoy the culture and beauty that surrounds you.

Rafting in Nepal is one of the most popular adventures and is a paradise land for river runners. There is a various grade of whitewater rafting trips possibly vary with interest and choice. Those who are looking for long days expedition type run may join for Sun Koshi and Karnali rafting trip together combining with wildlife safari tour in nearer National parks.

For short adventure and family run may go to raft on Trishuli and Seti for the smooth class of run and experience. If you have any quest about this adventure then let us know your interests we will provide you the best option and package offer.

There is a various grade of whitewater rafting trips possibly vary with interest and choice. You will not regret about this adventure. And we assure you that.

Rafting in Different River of Nepal

Nepal is blessed with wildest and most spectacular rivers in the world. The best time is usually September to early December and March to June. This is when the weather is best and the water is the warmest.

Rivers are rated for their difficulty on a scale of class 1 – 6.

A class 1 river has a slower moving current with little or no obstacles.

A Class 2 & 3 Rivers generally are fast moving with smaller to medium size Rapids.

A Class 4 — easy

A class 5 — moderately difficult

A class 6 — almost impossible

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