My small company is able to provide a service where you can feel confident and safe in the abilities of guides and porters to do their job. They are there to make sure you get the best from your experience of life in Nepal and help you to learn more about the culture and natural environment of the country. It is our aim to inform you of the choices available and help you to match them with your desires. Together we can discuss and plan your adventure to help me put together the best team and facilities to meet your needs.

I want to be sure you are happy and comfortable with all the arrangements made for your trip and save you lots of time to enjoy relaxation. To achieve this we build in flexibility for plans to cater for individual circumstances and conditions at the time. This will ensure that your voice is heard as the customer but we take our responsibility seriously to give you good advice based on the benefit of being natives of Nepal and years of experience.

This caring approach will apply to all our customers no matter who you are or the package you are considering. Nothing is too big or too small for UTN to consider because we have links with transport companies and more specialist tour agencies if required.



We are a company registered with the Nepal Government Ministry of Tourism (TAAN) operating since 2007. Throughout this period there have been problems to deal with in Nepal, in particular the earthquake in 2015, which impacted considerably upon the tourist industry. Despite these setbacks we have continued to offer a safe, caring and reliable service to remain in business because of what Nepal has to offer and positive feedback from satisfied customers. We try to deliver the service agreed upon and take pride in our ability to do so.

The staff I use are all known to me and have proved to be reliable and trustworthy over the years. There are many reviews in my office and on the web site from customers who have appreciated their experience with UTN Limited. Many of whom are returning customers who want to find out more about our wonderful country. Also we offer such a variety of experiences such as home stay with my family in the village of Dhampus. We offer a vast array of experiences, and I am excited about the types and quality of services we provide. I want to invite you to come and try them for yourselves as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


I can guarantee that we will provide a service to suit your needs and desire and at a fair price. The daily rate for a guide and porters reflects our aim to be fair to the staff and make sure they are well equipped to perform their job to the satisfaction of customers.

We can help you to select from the different treks, areas of interest, means of transport and accommodation to suit your pocket and length of stay. No matter what your budget is we can offer a safe, reliable and memorable experience of Nepal. It is our desire to give you a view not only of the magnificent scenery but a more intimate knowledge of the culture and way of life in villages and towns.

UTN Limited is not a big company and that is why we are able to be adaptable and offer more personalised packages. What you pay is a competitive price to enable us to maintain a reasonable profit margin and pay a fair wage. This way we are able to offer tailor made services to make us and you happy. We get a lot of satisfaction from doing this and both of us can benefit from the exchange of knowledge about each other and our different cultural backgrounds. This is what helps us to constantly improve upon the services we provide